Sunday, August 23, 2009


What does the economy mean to you?  Is it affecting your everyday life?

I know it affects mine!  For two years now, the company my husband works for has either given a very teeny, tiny raise (last year); or no raise at all (this year).  The reason (excuse) - "The Economy".  What does that mean, exactly?  How far does it go? When does it stop?  Does it stop?

I can't find a good definition of "middle class."  So, here is my definition as it applies to my life:

If I were firmly middle class then

  • When a bill comes in the mail, I could open the envelope, write a check, and put it in the mail - no waiting until the next paycheck or putting it off until the day its due and floating a check
  • I could get a loan for a home.  Apparently, I can pay $1,050 a month in rent, however, the bank doesn't think I can pay the same (or less!) on my own home!  (More on this later!)
  • I wouldn't have to tell my kids that they can't play sports because I can't afford it
  • I wouldn't get free food once a month from the care center
  • I wouldn't have to hear my mom tell me that I shouldn't have quit that good job I had to stay at home and raise my kids (OK, so this one will never happen, but I can dream, right?)
  • I could get the A/C in my van fixed!  Seriously, I'm not even asking for a new one - have you been in SC in August with no A/C??  (Imagine Chandler Bing from Friends saying that last line, "Have you been in SC in August with no A/C?"
  • And finally (although I'll think of more later), my husband could quit his second job!
So how would your life be different?  What are your money struggles?  Don't get me wrong, there are many things in my life that are going well.  But doesn't it seem like when we have money problems that it colors the rest of our lives?  


  1. I am your first follower! thanks for noting this blog in Ravelry. Very interesting writing, and I plan to stop in regularly.


  2. if I were firmly in the middle class (instead of firmly in the lower tier of the middle class) I wouldn't have to live off of student loans in order to be able to go to school. I'll be paying it off until I'm 50, I'm sure of it.